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Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

  • Features
  • Automatically update prices, improve efficiency and management.
  • Save paper, save ink, save manpower, higher interest returns.
  • Central computer updates, reducing error rates.
  • Two-way communication, check the label status and battery status.
  • Security design.
  • 5 years of normal working hours. Low temperature of minus 20 degrees


    Electronic shelf labels (Electronic Shelf Label referred ESL), is a place on the shelf, and can replace traditional paper price tag electronic display devices, each connected to the mall ESL computer database via a wireless network, and the latest commodity prices through the ESL LCD screen display. UHF operating frequency of electronic shelf labels 2.4G. Can be used worldwide. Mainly used in the retail industry and logistics industries.

    The hotel, restaurant, supermarket, fruit store, meat companies.


    InfoServer CT-3000
    • Dimensions:305x238x64mm
    • radio frequency 2.4G 2Way, the scope of up to 700 square meters.
    • support data collection and transfer of goods more than 2000's.
    • T @ POP host system, compatible with any ERP system.
    RF Station IB-3100
    • Dimensions:255x255x20.5mm
    • Battery life: 3 to 5 years
    • radio frequency 2.4G 2Way, scope up to 700 square meters.
    • can support up to 2000 commodity data transfer.
    • transmit long distance Hassle; supermarkets is not a problem!
    PDA MT-3000
    • Weight:226g
    • equipped TFT3.0 WQVGA240x400 65536 color LCD panel. Both indoor and outdoor are very bright and clearly visible.
    • IP65 dustproof, completely prevent dust entering, rinse with water will not cause any damage.
    • drop resistance rugged design, the drop test (1.6m high, six-sided, each five times) still functioning.
    Rail STD Kit
    • Material: PVC
    • L:1.3m(min)~2m(max)
    • W:1m、1.5m
    Hook Arm
    • Material: PVC
    • L:25mm
    • W:15mm
    • 3 adjustable viewing angle.



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